Our Approach

Red Ivy offers freelance marketing support to organisations who are not currently in a position to employ a full-time marketing manager, or who simply need an extra pair of expert hands for a specific project. Red Ivy's hands-on approach will bring a fresh perspective to your marketing operations and deliver fast and effective results.

Benefits of a freelance Marketing Manager


We work to a variety of different part-time, outsourced or project-based business models to suit your requirements, time prerequisites and budget

Fresh Ideas

We will bring a fresh perspective to your business, with campaign ideas which are well evaluated, expertly managed and closely measured to meet your goals.

Fast results

With our extensive B2B and B2C marketing experience, we will quickly assess your needs and manage activities to deliver fast and effective results.

Seamless service

We build and manage relationships with third party suppliers and marketing domain experts to offer you a complete marketing service.

Instant delivery

Building and implementing tactical marketing plans is our speciality. You can immediately leave us to work our marketing magic while you focus on other important matters.

Mindful Marketing

We love what we do and partner with you to deliver cost effective, result based results. It isn’t just about getting the next client or sale. Mindful marketing amplifies your results while truly adding value – for your customers and for your business.

Next Steps...

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